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C. Lunch Sushi Roll Combination
Served with salad and miso soup Pick Up
and 2 Roll For 9.95, 3 Roll For 12.95
1. California Roll
  Crabmeat, avocado & cucumber    
2. Boston Roll
  Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber & mayo    
3. Alaska Roll
  Salmon, cucumber & avocado    
4. New York Roll
  Eel & cream cheese    
5. Eel Avocado Roll or Eel Cucumber Roll
6. Spicy Salmon Roll
7. Sweet Potato Roll
8. Green Roll (Vegetarian)
9. Avocado Roll or Cucumber Roll
10. Spicy Tuna Roll
11. Tuna Avocado Roll or Tuna Cucumber Roll
12. Salmon Avocado Roll or Salmon Cucumber Roll
13. Tuna Roll or Salmon Roll
14. Crunch Roll
  (Crabmeat, crunch & spicy mayo)    
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